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Our dog trainers deliver an one-of-a-kind training experience for your dog. We do not teach your dog tricks, but rather teach your dog necessary life skills that will help make their daily life (and yours) a great deal easier. Learn more about our solutions by contacting one of our trainers right away!

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Here at Midway Dog Academy, we understand how important it is to have a balanced, well-behaved dog especially living in the Roselle area. That is why we believe that for you to fully enjoy your dog, you will need to train him or her to ensure that they know their role in the pack dynamic within your household.

If you would like to better understand your dog and how you can start to communicate clearer and develop a healthier dynamic with your dog, then talk to one of our trainers in Roselle today. This way they can completely go over your dog with you and talk about various behaviors your dog may be demonstrating. We even offer FREE consultations in Roselle to help you get a better idea of what is going on with your dog and to address any more concerns you may have. Our professional dog trainers can then put together a customized dog training program tailored to your dog’s needs and based around your wants. Does Your Dog:

  • Bark or whine incessantly?
  • Need help potty training?
  • Run away?
  • Jump on people?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Ignore you?

What We Do
Puppy Training in Roselle

Puppy Training

Let’s face it, not all puppies are the easiest from day 1. That is why our dog trainers in Roselle have puppy programs to help you get through the more challenging days (and nights) of having a new dog. We’ll help you with housebreaking, biting, jumping, and barking in their kennel.

Behavior Modification in Roselle
Behavior Modification

Does your dog have a few negative behaviors or annoying habits that you would love them to quit? Get rid of unwanted behaviors FAST with one of our training programs guaranteed to correct the issue.

Dog Training in Roselle
Dog Training

Our EZ-Leader training system targets reestablishing your dog’s role inside of the household by giving them structure, leadership, and guiding them through our Real World Training– For The Real World Dog. This helps your dog to return to what they know best– BEING A DOG.

Puppy Camp in Roselle

Puppy Camp

Our puppy training camps in Roselle focus on all of the most important parts of caring for a young, impressionable dog. We tackle potty training with bells, crate training, manners, no barking, no biting, off-leash training, a sleep schedule, obedience training, socialization, and much more. We believe in utilizing a proactive solution; which is how we help you raise the best puppy.

Board and Train in Roselle

Board and Train

Board and Train programs are an excellent choice for dog owners that want their dog trained done in one shot by the best trainers in Roselle. Your dog will learn manners, off leash recall, obedience, and more! This type of training program allows your dog to stay with us in our house and practice a lifestyle before transitioning back home with you.

Private Lessons in Roselle

Private Lessons

Private dog training lessons are a great way to work one-on-one without the interference of other people or dogs. This type of training allows your dog to be the main focus while mastering new skills, behaviors, and more. We also offer lessons that focus on leadership, prepping your house for a new puppy, and even how to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby.

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    Find Out More About Roselle

    Roselle is a suburb of Chicago and is a village located in both DuPage County and Cook in Illinois, United States. Located in the northeastern part of the state, Roselle was first incorporated in 1922 and is a bedroom community, with residents generally commuting to Chicago or nearby suburbs for their jobs. As a result, the early rural atmosphere of the community has been lost over the past 30 years. As of the 2010 census, the village’s population was 22,763.[3] Roselle is a western suburb of Chicago and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area.

    The area surrounding the current village of Roselle began to be settled in the early 1830s, as settlers moved in next to the native Potawatomi people. Silas L. Meacham and his brothers Harvey and Lyman settled the area now known as Bloomingdale Township. The government had been offering land in the area for around $1.25 / acre. In 1837, Deacon Elijah Hough and his wife settled in the Bloomingdale area, with his sons Oramel, Rosell [sic] and daughter Cornelia.

    Finding The Best Dog Trainer in Roselle

    obedience training in RosellePicking a great Roselle dog trainer can make a huge difference to the overall outcome of your dog’s training. No matter if it is teaching your dog basic obedience and advance obedience or helping a dog overcome fear or aggression– selecting a dog trainer that understands how to work with each behavior is crucial to your dog’s success. A professional dog trainer can help you discover challenges that you may be experiencing and also improve the dynamic you have with your dog. The question is how can you tell that you have found the right trainer for your dog? The dog training industry is largely unregulated industry unfortunately; which means you really need to do your due diligence and make sure that you are selecting a legitimate professional dog trainer. It is essential to evaluate the potential trainers before you trust them with your precious canine and invest your hard-earned money. Do proper research to determine whether a specific trainer is the right match for both you and your dog.

    Dog Training Philosophy

    Some of the first things we strongly recommend that you talk to your trainer is about their training approach and method to ensure that you are at ease with their method. It is important to find a trainer that has experience and knowledge using a variety of training tools since all dogs are different and what works for one dog might just not work for another dog dog. Finding a dog trainer that has experience training with a variety of training tools is also very important because it means that the trainer can find the most ideal training tool for your dog and not use the ‘one size fits all’ strategy for their dog training experience.

    Identifying Your Wants and Your Dog’s Needs

    You will also need to figure out what type of training will be the most beneficial for you and your dog based on what you need or want accomplished. Do you need help with potty training your dog? Or do you need your dog to have incredible obedience training? Or perhaps you would like your dog be trained to be off leash? Figuring out what your needs and wants are will help you find out what style of dog training program will be the most effective choice.

    Identifying and Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

    dog classes near meNot all dog behaviors are created equally nor are all dog trainers in Roselle, IL. That is why it is so critical to recognize if your dog has certain behavioral challenges that need specific attention. When dealing with these sorts of issues or problems it is imperative that you find a dog trainer that has had tons of experience dealing and eliminating these things. Not just any dog trainer can do this– this takes years of experience to be safe and successful accomplishing this.

    Fixing Dog Aggression

    If you have a dog that possesses behavior issues for instance, dog aggression or human aggression, then you will definitely need to make certain you find a dog trainer that has experience in working with these specific behaviors. It is equally crucial to find a dog trainer that has had successful results when working with dogs that have these issues that they need help getting over. Looking for a dog trainer with the right type of expertise is important because they will need to first identify where the problem is coming from to first deal with that issue. Dog aggression is generally an indicator of a problem that has gone unaddressed. It is an external red flag to an internal issue.

    Working With Fearful Dogs

    Dealing with fearful dogs is another behavior issue that you will need an expert trainer if you want your dog to overcome it. When working with nervous dogs, it takes the right kind of training if you want to help that dog come out of their shell and begin trusting again. In my experience, when I have worked with nervous dogs I have always told the dog’s owner that the beginning is a slow process– and it needs to be. No one can hurry a dog’s confidence building nor can they tell a dog when to be ready to move on. Getting a dog trainer in Roselle that will take their time is huge and it really shows the dog trainer’s commitment to helping the dog.

    Forms of Dog Training

    There are several options of  training programs in Roselle. Each program has their own distinct perks so we will just discuss a few of them. Depending on what you need your dog to learn or overcome, this can absolutely influence what training program will be best suited for him or her. The dog trainer that you are interested in working with should be able to discuss their training programs with you and help you decide on what will be the most effective fit for your dog in order to achieve the best outcome.

    Dog Obedience Dog Training Classes in Roselle

    Obedience training classes in Roselle ILGroup classes are a good way to socialize your dog with other dogs if you don’t have a stable pack around for your puppy to socialize with. It also adds the benefit of distraction training (although this may be a difficult thing with young dogs). Usually this is done only after your dog has received all their vaccinations. Dog obedience classes in Roselle may not be the best route to go if you have a dog that has behavioral issues that may require a less distracting setting or if being consistent may be difficult due to a work or family schedule.

    Private Lessons

    Other dogs may learn much better in private lessons due to the fact that it’s a one-one training session and you don’t have the extra distraction of other dogs; plus, you get all the dog trainers attention to focus on only your dog. Private training can be provided in your home, at a dog facility, or out in the real world. Some dogs are simply not ready for a classroom or perhaps the dog’s problem just happens at the front door. However, not all trainers offer private lessons at your home, so you should inquire if that is the style of training you are looking for.

    Dog Camps in Roselle

    Another great possibility for having your dog trained is a doggy camp sometimes referred to as a Board and train or a doggy bootcamp. This approach is a great choice for busy dog owners, dogs with major issues, or for those who just want their dog’s training to be done in one shot by an experienced trainer. Having this done by a professional, reduces the mistakes that the dog will learn and therefore they will live in and practice living a balanced lifestyle. W

    Potty Training For Puppies

    If you are looking for potty training puppies in Roselle then a puppy camp will probably be your most ideal option available. The reason a puppy camp is probably the most successful training programs for potty training is because the dog trainer can actually get your dog on a set schedule and give your new puppy the consistency that they will need to understand exactly what you want them to do in order to understand the puppy potty training process. Many dog trainers, including myself, will potty train puppies to ring bells on a door to let us know they need to go outside to potty. This is very helpful especially for puppies and dogs that are not barkers. Normally, puppy training camps will also focus on other necessary puppy training skills such as crate training.

    Dog Training Education and Credentials

    Find out from potential dog trainers about their education and any credentials they have. Some incredible trainers have learned through years of experience and apprenticeships while other dog trainers may have taken a more academic route, but may have less hands-on experience. Certifications with an organization including the International Association of Canine Professionals is not a mandatory requirement for trainers, but it can reveal a dedication to their profession as well as an interest in continuing their education.

    Get To Know The Dog Trainer

    dog trainers in Roselle, ILTalk with the dog trainer to get a feel for their personality and people skills before you choose them. It is usually not nearly enough to read the trainer’s website or brochure. Dog trainers actually teach people, so you must be comfortable being their student. Your dog trainer in Roselle should be good at not only handling and working with dogs, but also be good at communicating with you on what you will need to do afterwards to maintain your dog’s newly taught training skills. The trainer should be respectful, encouraging, and patient. Try observing a training class or schedule a meet and greet, and view the students and dogs to be sure that everyone is having a good time. You should also not forget to ask for references from former students. Find a trainer that offers more than basic training techniques. Humans and dogs view the world from a different perspective, and the better you understand the perceptions of the dog, the better equipped you are to meet his/her needs and live happily together. Training sessions must include information pertaining to dog communication, dog behavior, and how dogs learn. The significance of socializing is critical to a good puppy class, and advice on handling and grooming is an added benefit. A great trainer understands that it is their job to train your dog. While they may wish to work with one adult at a time depending on the dog’s issues, they should welcome the whole entire household including the children at some point in the process. First-rate trainers understand why it is important to get the entire family on board for consistency.

    Ask Friends and Family

    You can get a referral for a professional dog trainer from many places such as the people at the dog park to neighbors and friends. Never skimp on your research no matter how amazed other dog owners are with a particular trainer. The trainer should be the right fit for you, your dog, and your individual circumstances. A great dog trainer is a wise investment and ensures a lifetime of harmonious and happy living because you now have a well-behaved, trained dog.

    Understanding Your Role in Dog Training

    No matter what type of dog training you decide to perform with your dog, it is crucial to know that ultimately you hold the key to your dog’s training sticking and developing into a lifestyle. As a dog trainer, I constantly explain to my customers that they need to be sure they follow through on everything that I have taught them. The reason is that your dog WILL test you to see if you are committed. Dogs are creatures of habit and if something works for them than they will continue to do it. That is why I stress to my clients to be super strict once their dog returns home from their dog training camp. If you make it possible for your dog to go right back to what they did prior to their training– they will do just that. Dog’s are exceptionally intelligent animals and they pick up on the stuff we want them to, as well as the stuff we do not want them to. Following through on everything is important because it tells your dog that things are now going to be different. By showing your dog that, it lets them to have the consistency that they really need. This is exactly what your dog needs in order to begin enjoying this new lifestyle with you. Following this lifestyle will then turn into a new normal for you and your dog.

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