We’re all busy and getting pets groomed is often pushed aside on our “to-do” lists. To help combat this many have turned to Mobile Pet Groomers. Mobile pet groomers are the ones that come to your home to groom your pet.

There are typically two types of mobile pet groomers, there are the ones that arrive in a mobile pet grooming van that has everything that they require, and then there is the kind that simply comes into your home and grooms your pet in your yard or right inside of your house.

Mobile Groomers

Mobile pet groomers have everything that is required to groom your beloved pet. You’ll appreciate that you don’t have to leave home to have them tend to your pets grooming needs.

In many cases, it’s easier on the pet emotionally to be groomed in a familiar setting. Still, other pets will enjoy an outing even if it is to the groomer. One important factor to consider is that the mobile groomer will typically be the same person each and every time that your pet is groomed.

This can be important as your pet will develop a good rapport with one person and won’t have to adjust his or her expectations when being groomed once they’ve developed a good relationship with their groomer.

Your pet won’t have to adjust his or her system to other pets who may be around at a storefront pet groomer and will be in their own familiar surroundings. For the more nervous pet, this may be a great thing.

Store Groomers

Pet groomers that are in a store will also have everything at their fingertips that they require to groom your pet. You’ll drop your pet off for their appointment and then pick your pet up afterward.

In most cases, you’ll be called when your pet is ready and must be there shortly thereafter to pick your pet up as they will have limited space for pets who are waiting and finished being groomed.

Another concern is that the storefront pet groomers may have several different groomers who groom pets and unless you specify one groomer only, and this may cost you extra, you’re likely to get a different groomer each time.

Pets who are high-strung or very nervous may not do as well as a storefront groomer. Other pets will be about and make noises, it’s an unfamiliar area and they may become very skittish and nervous and tend to be more sensitive or even nip at the groomer in these situations.

For those who have pets who become anxious or nervous around other pets or unfamiliar surroundings, for those who prefer the same groomer each and every time, a mobile groomer may be the ideal solution. You won’t have to worry about pet hair in your car and you won’t have to worry about transportation.

For those who have more time, a pet-friendly vehicle and don’t have the above-mentioned issues, a storefront groomer will work fine.

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