Having your dog groomed is a big deal. At least for most of us. You don’t want just anyone grooming your dog. After all, not every groomer is created equal. So before you have a groomer work on your dog or other pet, ask them the following essential questions.

1. Do you hold any certifications and how much grooming experience do you have?

A new pet groomer without any certifications might still be a better groomer than an experienced professional. But all things being equal, certifications and experience provide you with indications of how skilled a groomer is for handling a grooming situation and doing a good job on your pet.

2. Do you have any experience grooming this breed (your dog or other pet’s breed)?

There are numerous factors that go into the pet grooming process. One of those factors is breed. Different breeds have different kinds of coats. Different breeds of dogs and other pets also have different temperaments to contend with. Certain breeds also often have standard haircuts. Is the groomer well-versed with the type of cut you want for your pet?

3. What will you do if my pet gets scared?

Any dog can get aggressive or be afraid during a grooming session. A groomer needs to know how to handle these types of situations before they get out of control.

4. Will my pet be put in a crate? If yes, can I check it out?

If it is a busy grooming business then there is a good chance your pet will be put in a crate. This helps to get everyone safe. You should check out the crate to ensure it is big enough and looks clean and doesn’t smell.

5. What will you do if my pet needs to go to the bathroom?

Every groomer has their own policy when it comes to bathroom time. Some groomers take pets out outside and others just leave the animals in the crates and then clean up after them.

6. What is the average wait time before my pet is groomed?

Times may vary. You will just want to know what to expect and how long you will be separate from your pet.

7. Does someone watch the animals? If the answer is no, how often are they checked?

It is an absolute must that the animals be adequately supervised.

8. Can I watch you groom my pet?

The groomer may say no, but don’t let that alarm you. Some animals may be distracted if their owner is around. It might causes problems, especially when the groomer is trimming nails or hair. There are some places that have glass enclosures so that the owners can watch, but not every groomer has that type of setup.

9. What kind of dryer will be used on my pet?

There are two main kinds of dryers that are used: dryers where the air is recirculated and heated dryers. Heated dryers may cause heat stroke, particularly with smaller breeds, so the other type is preferable.

10. What kind of shampoo will you be using? Can I bring in my dog’s shampoo from home?

This question will be especially relevant if you have a pet that has allergies.

11. What is included in the grooming package?

Some groomers only do a trim, wash and dry for their grooming service. Others provide comprehensive services ranging from butt cleaning to nail clipping. So you will want to make sure you are clear on what you are getting for the price you are quoted.

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