Labrador retriever are one of the best breeds of dogs to own. They are the most popular here in the United States and for good reason. Historically, they were bred to be a fisherman’s best friend. They would help the fishermen with their nets, ropes and retrieve the fish, hence “Retrievers”. They were smart and could endure the North Atlantic. Today this breed is helping humans in all kinds of places and more than just fisherman. They are smart and easily trainable; which makes them great for assistance dogs, show dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, retrievers for hunting, and obviously just as pet dogs. Labs are smart, have a great temperament and are happy to be around humans. Some interesting facts about Labrador retrievers are:

  • They are very affectionate and good with kids and other dogs
  • They shed A LOT – Getting them properly groomed and feeding them a balanced diet does help reduce the amount of shedding.
  • Very intelligent and easy to train
  • High Energy and not ideal for apartment living

Why we love our Labs…

You are not going to find cuter puppies than a lab puppy.  They tend to have large ears and big feet that one day they will grow into.  Labs want to be with their humans and are not a good choice for people that are not home often.  They also love to run and play and are high energy dogs. So when choosing a lab, understand that they will need a good amount of exercise to be happy. They thrive in active lifestyles and enjoy going for walks and just being with their humans. Labs do not like to be left alone for long periods and will use their cooped-up energy to destroy things if not giving an outlet for it. It’s also important to understand that labs are notorious chewers; which is why it is important to properly train them early on so that they understand what they can and cannot have in their mouth. It is also imperative that they have plenty of toys to play with and antlers or elk bones to chew up. Providing them with the proper toys and chews will help alleviate their strong chewing sensation.

Dog Training For Labrador Retrievers

A lab will live on average 10-12 years, but with proper diet and exercise they can definitely live longer. They grow to be about 55-80 pounds and have a stocky build that is muscular and athletic. Because of their natural love of humans, they make excellent therapy dogs and do excellent with people of all ages including: kids, adults, and the elderly. They live to serve us and love to do it; which is why they are so great and the number one choice for service, emotional support, and therapy dogs. They are often used as rescue dogs as well.  They have a strong nose and a deep desire to help people, which makes them a perfect choice!

Labs also love to eat; which is why it is so important that they get regular exercise and are fed a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, it is too common to see labs overweight and in poor health because of lack of exercise and often being overfed. Limiting treats and not feeding them table scraps are also a great way to avoid overfeeding.

When you are working with and training your lab it is great to start with teaching them to not get into the garbage and to not counter surf. Labs are incredibly smart and are very easy to train with the proper direction, guidance, and communication.

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