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Since 2008, Midway Dog Training Academy has helped thousands of dog owners in Chicago discover the secrets and benefits of successful, effective dog training.  We believe educating dog owners on proper and responsible ownership, helpful training tips, and articles will help owners better understand their dogs. With these free articles, we’re hoping to help reduce the number of dogs that end up in shelters due to unruly and unwanted behaviors. By educating owners, we can help them keep their dogs in their homes by eliminating the number 1 reason why dogs end up in shelters: bad behaviors.

We hope you find our dog training articles, tips, and news useful. If you have any questions about your dog, please feel free to contact us for additional help. Our dog training Chicago facility offers many different dog training programs to help dog owners have better behaved family pets.


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  • Dog Socialization
  • Taking Your Dog To The Vet
  • Getting 2 Puppies At The Same Time – Littermates
  • Picking The Perfect Dog For Your Lifestyle
  • Raising The Perfect Puppy
  • Crate Training Your Dog
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  • Common Dog Training Mistakes
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  • Picking The Best Dog Food
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  • Dog Beaches in Chicago
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  • Puppy Socialization Classes: Are they a good idea?
  • Taking Your Dog For a Car Ride: Why Some Love It and Others Hate It!
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  • Introducing Dogs To A Newborn Baby